Hey guys

My church said they would buy a guitar for me at the most 250 dollars!!!

Where should i buy one musicians friend? guitar center? and what guitar?

I like the ibanez guitars with the shark fin inlays and the cool 80's look.

Thanks for your help!!
1. Assuming this is for playing worship music?

2. Where are you located?

3. Current gear?
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The style i play is 80's style rock, van halen, ratt....
So something that is good for that sound, thats why i looked at ibanez.

Also they want me to pick it simply on what i want, with no influence from them.

I live in owosso , michigan

Right now i have a cheap 40 dollar guitar, that has a plastic body. Seriously making it sound good thus far playing 7 months is beyond me.

Any ideas?
Used. Craigslist or a good pawnshop. Maybe a local GC will have one used, but usually they want too much.
Don't recommend FR for live performances unless you can have 2 on hand in each tuning you'll play in.

String changes take forever and they really require a setup for each tuning. You might be able to go from standard to drop D with the fine tuners, but unless you torque the claw screws, it'll affect the bridge angle.

What about the D-Tuna you've heard of, you ask? We'll that's only for top mounted real Floyd Roses; not for most copies (like Ibanez Edge trems); not for Floyds sitting in a routing (like Ibanez typically does it); and not for fully floating Floyds (ones you can pull the bar up for whammy bends, as well as push it down to dive bomb.) Also, I don't see how it can keep the other 5 strings completely in tune; even a hard tail needs slight retuning on the 5 remaining strings after you drop the low E to D--due the resilience in the neck (has a similar effect to resilience in trem springs).