I have a 13 yr old nephew who is playing saxophone and has started guitar. He has some cheezy starter pak guitar and amp that I am sure is just dreck. I am thinking of loaning him my MIM strat and a Fender blues junior amp. I don't need either of these; I'm not playing the guitar since I got my Les Paul, and the amp is a spare. I figure the kid is musical( he likes playing his sax, and is serious about it) and that the starter guitar is probably holding him back. I could lend him a decent guitar on an indefinite loan and let him see what a good sounding instrument sounds like through a decent amp.

What do you think. Is a 13 yr old, who is otherwise a decent kid, going to trash my equipment? Should I let him anyway, since I want to be a good uncle and be the bad influence he needs? What would you do, if you were an old guy trying to be a good uncle to a kid who is having a rough early teen times?
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No one here can know if he will trash your equipment, no one knows him.

But I'll tell you, if you loan him anything, you probably should be prepared to get it back with some kind of damages because accidents happen, stuff breaks, amps go bad(especially tubes). It would be different if you guys lived together and he could just walk into your room, borrow it, and return it when he's done playing.
Be the cool uncle, loan him the amp. Don't be surprised if it comes back with some knicks and scratches though. Shit happens. Especially when you're 13.
Don't loan it- give it to him. Make a big deal out of it like it's some right of passage or something. He'll think it's cool, and hey- you already said you don't need them anymore anyway.
If it doesn't work out i'll take them... like seriously please? lol. Anyway If you see him occasionally you may be able to check in on him and tell him to contact you if he has questions about anything. If he knows that it's like $800 worth of equipment He'll probably be very careful, unless of course he's a hooligan...
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Give it to him.

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