Hi, I play electric guitar in a worship band in church, play stuff from the likes of Chris Tomlin, Tim Hughes, Hillsong United, so obviously there is a variety of quiet gentle songs, and more rocky ones, and I also play rock (switchfoot, 30 seconds to mars, and older rock like Led Zeppelin), more funky stuff (maroon 5), and more poppy stuff (Snow Patrol, The Script) in my spare time, both at home and in a hall for the church youth groups. Also, as I play 'gigs' for the younger youth at church, we play alot of pop covers, kings of leon and the like (not exactly my favourite, but heh)

I play and epiphone les paul standard, with a Roland cube 30, or occasionally borrow somebody's Blackstar HT Club 40. I live in South East England.

Currently I have a Boss ME-25 multi effects unit, but I really want to begin building a collection of proper pedals. The trouble is, I'm used to having a variety of mediocre effects, and don't know where to start: I regularly use, Overdrive, delay, wah, chorus, volume (for swells), phaser, and the on board tuner.
Please can you help me prioritise which pedals to buy first, I'm shooting around £100 per pedal, but planning on buying them over a year or two.

I've heard good reviews for:
Fulltone OCD, Boss SD-1 Ibanez TS9.
TC Flashback and Vox Timemachine
VOX V847-! and Dunlop crybaby classic
Boss CE-5 and TC Corona
MXR Phase 90 Orange
Would you confirm these reviews or not?
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All those overdrives you listed are good, TS9 being my favourite.
I don't know much about delay, not something I use.
The Vox is better out of those two (in my opinion), the Dunlop is easier to mod though. Your call.
Not big on chorus either.
I don't use phasers but the Phase 90 is definitely a good one, can't go wrong with that.
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From the overdrives I like the OCD most.
The Vox Timemachine is very good but I bought the Boss DD20 over it, maybe you could look at the Boss delays.
For chorus maybe also look at Visual Sound as they make awesome pedals.
Andertons have a youtube video that compares wah pedals including the two you have mentioned - check that out.
No comment on phase but MXR are awesome

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tc electronics stuff is really cool because you can upload artist preset's onto the pedal via usb. i personally love the mxr carbon copy over any boss delay due to the analog. i don't like digital delay like the boss. having said that, the tc electronics are really great products and i would get them even though they are digital.

you should get:

mxr phase 90 (check out the evh version, its sick)
mxr carbon copy or tc electronics flashback
ibanez ts9 and Fulltone ocd or vox ice 9
crybaby 535 q or a morley wah
and i just use a korg pitch-black for my tuner

i would also suggest looking into a eq pedal. i use an mxr 10 band eq