I'm in dire need of a new amp and I love the AC30, however, I'm no position to be able to afford it.

I can probably push my budget to about £250 - £300. Any ideas?

Used you should be able to get an AC15C1.

Which are supposedly more ac30ish than the other ac15cs.

You could get a laney vc15. Which doesnt really sound anything like an ac30/15 but its in the same indie low gain britpop group of amps. It's quite nice.

Theres the bugera bc30, which is a clone of the matchless dc30, witch is a clone of a vox ac30... etc

If youre after that sound nothing really does it like the real thing though..
Any particular model?

EDIT: I'm all for going used, however it's quite difficult to find anything around me.
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The Lovepedal Englishman is supposed to be Vox in a box, never tried it though. And I don't know how well it would go with your current amp.
Best bet is really to just get an AC15c1. As said before, they're the most AC30-like amp that isn't an AC30. Even better would be the AC15c2, which is an AC15 chassis dropped into an AC30 212 cab, but those are brand new and go for about the same price as a used AC30c2.
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Maybe an AC4 (I have one!)

But the Ac15 is more similar to the AC30s. The AC4 is cheap, small but isn't as clear or sharp as the AC30s but its as close as you can get (new) for the price.
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I've noticed that my Peavey Classic 30 can get a pretty AC30ish sound. I got the 1x12 combo for about $300 used and if you want you could even attach a 1x12 cab to it to basically turn it into a 2x12 like the AC30.
The Laney VC30 can be pretty similar (there's a 1x12, 2x10 ans 2x12). If you boost the treble setting it's pretty close to the ssound of a Vox AC30, to my ears, and I've been playing an AC30 (various models) for around 10+ years.
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Peavey Classic is kind of ACish. They're really great for the price, regardless.
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If luck would have it, I've found an AC15C1 for £250 on my local GumTree.


Don't expect very clean cleans with a drummer. Otherwise, great find. Lovely little amp.
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Look for a Crate V33. The cleans are similar to the AC30. The gain channel isn't really, but the cleans are. Those go for $200ish over here.
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