few months ago i saw dream theater, and the band that warmed them had a guitarist that whenever there was a jump of volume he usually jumped and did that guitar "smack" move, and u could see that when he did it dust particles kind of got out of his guitar(could be smoke).
any idea how to replicate this?
I'm performing tonight and i'm quite sure that there would be smoke machine,and because its my first gig i wonder if it would work with the smoke
here is the live song that i saw that effect(cant quite see it in this quality),the left guitarist.
and for your enjoyment, here is the studio version:
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just try to imagine you can see the smoke moves when he lands from a jump, as if he was "powerful".
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Basically you need thick fog concentrated underneath you. But with smoke machines they sometimes take a while to 'warm up' and the fog might not be strong enough.
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1. Get some gunpowder and an ignition switch.
2. Fill guitar cavities with said gunpowder and set up switch.
3. BOOM!
4. ??????
5. Smoky profit and bitches, bitches love the smoke.