I asked this before but I didn't really get any help so I'm asking again...

Does anyone know where to find modern songs arranged for classical guitar in tablature? preferably Beatles songs but I'm looking for anything really.

Any help would be appreciated.
there are a few on this site that have been converted to FP solo arrangments;
nothing else matters-metallica
bohemian rhapsody-queen
wonderful tonight and others - eric clapton
classical gas, blackbird, going to california - are FP (or could be very easily) songs already

theres a kid with a bunch of songs that are more what your looking for but think u have to join the site to get them
thats a link to youtube for him and theres a bunch more like him young and old, but cant think of their names off hand, and dont know where to find tabs for any except paying to join site.
Sorry if i missed the mark. just assume FP when i see "classical"
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