This is finnish deathcoreband, founded january 2011. There are songs from our upcoming demo EP. Go check and comment \,,/. The mp3 -site is full finnish so you only have to click the play button of the songs. You can comment the songs here or leave a message to belowed site. There are a white screen on a left side where you can leave your comment

nice bass drop in the intro, i liked the drum work on the second songs intro. The guitar work kinda all sounds the same like its one big breakdown which is a bad thing to some a good thing to others really depends. It is good, sounds very whitechapel influenced, and i love whitechapel. I take it your going for the slow heavy ass shit which is legit, all in all i like it. If i could suggest one thing its add some high screams in there, you know like some alex koehler on desolation of eden shit, because that shits raw as f*ck

where are you guys from because i cant read anything on that website haha
-Peavey 6505+
-Bugera 333xl(w/6l6 pt's) -dead
-412 X-pattern loaded w/ WGS veteran30s & HM75s
-Gibson Les Paul, SD Blackouts *being worked on back to stock*
-Jackson DR7, EMGs
-LTD MH417
-Peavey Vyper 75w
We are from Finland and we have only two guys on the band at this moment. When the demo is out we are planning to get more players on the band.