sylvia would you like to live inside an apple?
you said that there are things you like and things you
love, well where in that scale do i fall? there's
very little time to do everything there is,
i just ate the seed from the core of my
apple and spit out a small sapling for you to
pick leaves from and weave sweaters with.

the porch step is warm, fall was somewhere
and now it's here, hallelujah! let's share thoughts like
cigarettes and when they're dead we can just
stomp them out and move on to the next-

the ants in the sidewalk cracks,
the frogs that swallow firecrackers,
let's give them all proper burials-
no one deserves what they deserve,
luck is a good meal and sex afterwards,
that's all. you tried to tell me otherwise
and i just smiled and put my hands
in the pockets of my pants-
the sky is out tonight,
hey look,
the sky is out tonight.
perhaps we write because we need to remind ourselves that we created something of ourselves that day, or that month, or that life or whatever; we can't bear a stagnant life, for mortality awaits. sometimes i create things and things and things and things in my head and they slip out here and there and i think you're the same way too.

really enjoyed this piece. hope to see more.
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