Hey I'm getting back into playing guitar, I got a new Ibanez the other day, and I was looking to changing the strings on it. Are Rotosound Roto Blues Light Top/Heavy Bottom Electric Guitar Strings good for playing metal songs? Thanks for the help guys, I am also new to the community as well.

These are the strings in specific

yeah they'll work nice... i know of a couple metal guitarists that use those same ones. I want to get a set to try but they dont carry them at my local store.
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Yeah, those string gauges are my personal favorite. They'll be good for metal. But it depends on whether YOU like them or not; if you like them, they're good, if you don't like them, they're not.

There's not a specific brand or gauge of string that's better for metal than another.

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sure, if you like them.
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i bought a pack of them last week to try for fun vs EBs of the same guage.

if you like elixers youll like them and theyll work, if not you wont like them.