Hey guys. Im trying to write down a fingerstyle version of a song ive known for a while now, and can play the chords to. Im on the way to figuring out the melody, and im writing it down as i write this, but im stuck on how to figure out the primary reason for fignerstyle: to be able to play some other chordal notes as well as the melody. Im down with all the theory on how its done, im jsut not sure how to start going about this though.

I ask you guys how would you go about writing other notes to go with the main melody? (By this, i mean this style btw, jsut in case i confused you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5WB-p-QBJc&feature=relmfu)

Any constructive help would be GREATLY appreciated thanks.

Note: Im wanting to know how to SONGWRITE, not how to play. Im working on this at the same time, i jsut wanna know what the best way to write in this style is, with the chordal and melodic notes already known
Go with the root notes of the chord mostly. Don't double the major third, but you may double the fifth. Then harmonise the melody. Lots of things you can do.

OR you could stop restraining yourself to a style or genre. Keep tryin until you hear something YOU think sounds good, then it's your style.