I have been playing guitar for around 8 years and can play pretty well but recently I feel that I have lost my ability to play properly. My wrists and hands feel kind of shakey and I mess up a lot when I play stuff I have been playing for years. Has Anything thing like this ever happened to any of you?
yeah, usually when I haven't played much or when i only focus on one genre.
Most of the time I just do some exercices and it all comes back
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I am a beginner and try to play for like 2 hours a day and i notice if i stop for a few days or go or for example i went on a vacation recently and did not bring my guitar, and i have the same problem. Put in some proper practice and it should be back to normal. Or perhaps something with your technique is messed up.
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Its strange because I only went 2 days without playing because I moved into my new house and everything was packed away. I also have a new flatmate who lives in the room right beside mine and she is pretty hot and its a melt because she probably thinks I suck hahaha.
Oh, shes hot? Then its because you are nervous :P
Assuming you are using the same guitar as before and you only stopped playing for 2 days there is no way you lost your skills on guitar. You probably just have a bad guitar day or something . Keep practicing and report back in few days if you still have the problem.
I dont believe you have overlooked this since you are already seasoned.. but i cant tell you how many times i was pissed off at my left hand only to later notice my fingernails where not perfectly cut.. (if you use classical technique thats it)
I actually practice everyday too and when i was on vacation the break was actually an improvement because many things I had been doing were "internalized", hard to explain.
Nevertheless pay attention to your technique and posture.. youll find out its always little things that hinder perfection.
just practice some more. you can look up some cool excercises online that will make you play in a different way than you ever have before so it kind of sharpens your mind and your fingers together.
yeah sometimes that happens. but real you comes back after a while, it's just a state of mind.
just focus on the guitar and what you really love to play.