I know this isn't a typical acoustic question, but I'm posting here because the people in A&C guitar are the smartest and nicest on UG.

I've been dying to try out piano for a very long time now. I am looking to buy a decent entry level piano. It needs to be fairly portable as I'm a college student. Also affordable as I am a college student in debt.

I'll probably be playing a very wide variety of music. (not sure if that matters with piano) I like anything from radiohead to Bach to Danny Elfman. Obviously going to take a couple years to get there but i'm willing to put in the effort.

Any suggestions as to what I might want to check out or how to go about buying one would be great. I know all the do's and don'ts for guitar but nothing for piano.

Thanks UG!
I learned on a fairly cheap keyboard I have. It's alright but now I wish I had something better but I'm too poor. If you do get a keyboard, make sure it's keys are sensitive to how hard you press because it really sucks if it's not
I'm not a piano player myself, even though I own a midi keyboard. I don't know how it is in your country, but at least in Sweden a few years ago (it maybe is that way still) lots of people gave away their grand pianos for free since they wanted more space at home and it not was "modern" to have them as furniture anymore. A grand piano might be too big for you if you live in a college dormitory but it's at least an option if not. Just look on auction sites and see if someone is looking for someone to dump their old piano at :P

Otherwise, you can get keyboards pretty cheap, like kamdude said. Those are the only things I can think of at the moment.
you could go with a midi keyboard or one with its own sounds, depending on whether you just want to start playing or want to learn about midi, DAWS, etc. imo try and get a keyboard with weighted keys. the hollow-feeling plastic keyboards work, but don't play like a piano, and i find it less satisfying to play.
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ok got it. Keyboard with weighted keys preferably.

Any brands to suggest? or it typically does not matter much in the field of keyboards?
Yeah ditto for keyboard
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were you considering a self-contained keyboard - one with its own sounds - or a midi controller?
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I just looked in my Oxford English Dictionary and under "Acoustic Guitar", there was your Avatar and an email address!
oh man i just started learning keyboard yesterday, loving it!
i see a lot of cheap pianos on craigslist, but i have no idea what to look for. some people give them away when they move though. just an idea!
well patticake, I honestly don't know exactly what you mean. My main goal here is to be able to walk up to a random piano while i'm walking around and be able to play something. After a quick google search, I don't think I need a MIDI controller or anything because I highly doubt I'll need to record anything. Just something really basic so I can learn things and be able to play.
watch for keyboards on craigslist. get something cheap to learn on. the one i have is from like the 80s and is super basic, still works for me, im not exactly picky. were you picky when you started guitar? one guitar was like the rest back then, sounded meh no matter which one you played on