Ooh, awesome as always, I just can't get tired of your voice, really. Everything sounds awesome to me, I really enjoyed watching this, and the bloopers were really funny, haha. I realise that my comment is not very helpful, but, however, really nice performance. And your friend shouldn't be so shy. Look at some of my videos - I am acting and behaving as crazy, you can't be worse

C4C? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_DgCl0O_Gc Hope you like it, it would be appreciated if you comment under the video, thanks!
Wow sounds incredible, great voice! The playing is perfect, awesome vocal harmonies too! Thanks for the crit, keep up the good work!
Great stuff, I thought I subbed a while back but i never did (i obviously did after watching this video mind you). But anyways fantastic singing and playing from you and your friend!
Wow good stuff. Definitely got the feeling across. Would be great to hear with a good mic for vocals and the instrument. It's not exactly my style but I enjoyed it none the less.


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nice! like everyone said, the harmonies are great, bloopers were funny as well!

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Thanks for the comment on my thread

Really nice cover, it all seems pretty tight. Maybe recording vocals and guitars separately would be helpful so that you could mix the vocals a bit louder? A few times the guitar was a bit too loud for the vocals. Overall very nice though