during the solo he gets a wah like sound throughout the solo, but its really subtle. it doesnt quite sound like a real wah. In a UG interview someone asked about him using wah and whammy in a stigmata addiction, and marty said he didnt own a wah pedal and his guitars dont have whammy and all those effects are in his fingers. I doubt all of that is true, but Im really curious how I can get the sound marty has during this solo.

I have a wah, but the solo doesnt really sound like it at all. Anyone know?

Also curious about an effect marty gets in the end solo in this song.


Around 2:40 at that solo, he gets a sound in some parts thats really wierd to explain. I think youd know what sound I speak of when you hear it.

Anyway just curious of how I can achieve those effects.
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The first sounds like either a wah really low down in the mix just slightly on, or either a combination of his bending technique and pick attack.
The second is either a phaser or flanger with the speed being turned up.