Like at the end of songs how some bands do it, sorta like this smashing pumpkins video:

it starts at like 3:40ish

My current gear is:
Fender mustang with some humbucker in the bridge (soon to be p90) and lace silver
Laney GC 50
Big Muff Pi Russia
Digitech Digiverb
Digitech Bad Monkey

I can't really experiment too much since amps aren't allowed in the dorms at my school, but my RA said it's fine as long as I don't play too loud/too excessively.

you need to play really loud and usually get close to the speakers
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The Boss Super Feedbacker & Distortion (DF-2) simulates feedback (or something like that) but IMO doesn't sound all that awesome, but for your purposes, it sounds about perfect.

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sustainer pickup maybe? at low volume it's gonna be difficult to get natural feedback
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Lots of gain and single coil pickups?
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In order to get feedback with the amp volume at a moderate level you'll have to compensate by cranking up the gain knob on your OD while sitting really close to the amp, so first dial the "level" knob on the bad monkey all the way back and max out the "gain" level, then start turning the level knob back up as much as the people at your school will allow you

It's often hard to achieve some nasty-ass feedback under normal circumstances if your output is too low (not being allowed to play too loudly, having a guitar with single coils and using a Tube Screamer-type pedal isn't helping) but combining effects will often do the trick: if your gain channel doesn't cut it just kick in the OD as well. After that it's just a matter of finding the right spot in front of your amp's speaker

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yeah, turn on the big muff and hold your guitar up to the amp. and i mean have the big muff with volume and sustain at max. tom morello did that in sleep now in the fire, but using amp distortion. as far as the big muff, alot of white stripes songs show what that feedback with the big muff can make. think dead leaves and the dirty ground intro. you might as well turn on the bad monkey if you don't want to wait for the feedback to kick in. more distortion makes the feedback begin sooner. also, since the mustang doesn't have a trem, just bending and yanking at the neck can also get the feedback going. hope this helps