"I don't know what
you've been through,
it's just like a soft touch,
and it feels like sh*t.

Now we're getting older
I tought I was smarter,
but I pulled the same old trick
this lesson makes me sick.

Breaking up was the best thing to do,
I need to find out how it is with out you,
don't worry,I'll be fine like a ghost from inside,
someone decent will come for you.

Now it's been a year
since I have whispered in your ear,
maybe it shouldn't be like this,
I took this way,it's okay."

I was writing a lot of songs like this lately, I tought this was the best. Any comment will be welcome so I can improve my lyrics.
This is pretty good. I like the first verse the most. The line "I'll be fine like a ghost from inside" is nice as well. I think you could improve on the last line of the third verse. You should change "decent" for something else. Keep writing