Hello there I'm looking to pick up my first expensive guitar. I decided that I think the SG would fit me I have always like the shape and they look really good in white and cherry red. I'm looking to spend $800 I would like to buy one new but if not then I could always go used and get a better SG. So what are my options for around the $800.

I'm also up for some other options on guitars I would like a nice Gibson.
if you're willing to only spend $800 for a GIBSON SG, then you haven't got very much choices
Can't be arsed to work out $800 in real £, but it doesn't sound like enough.

That said, my mate got a gibby sg USED, for just £700.

I'd recommend either saving up a few more months, or going for an aisan copy.
Or getting an epi G400 and swapping the pups out.
call me ziggy.
$400 more and you could get a new SG standard.. at least from Musician's Friend. I would say that it's really worth it if you want a SG. I am a LP guy myself, got a Gibson LP Studio. Never regretted the purchase. But I guess you could get an used Gibson SG Standard for $1000 easily..
Gear pics

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Well you see, and this is true and almost all cases, it is less about the look and more about the sound. I'm not saying you shouldn't find a guitar you don't like the look of or that you shouldn't get an SG (which I own as well)... only that there is a limit to how much you can learn from starring at a picture online. Your best bet would to go to a local guitar store (Guitar Center, Music-go-round, etc.) and play a few, new or used. And don't feel self conscious about playing in a store, the employees know that everybody has a different skill level (unless you are at a Best Buy music store

Anyways, look being one thing, sound another, there is also the feel of the guitar. The weight, size of the frets, the neck size, where the bridge is set, etc. If you know you can play a riff perfectly on a guitar you already own, and that it is comfortable, know that not all guitars feel the same and some may not be best suited for you. This is another advantage to playing it before you buy it.

If price is an issue (and it almost always is) then buying used is a great option. Used guitar stores have the best purchasing atmosphere. It can be described in two words... laid back. You can play every instrument, all day, not buy a thing and still be treated fairly. And best of all the prices are very enticing, sometimes making a purchase easier to justify in your own mind. Also if you are willing to part with an instrument you think you may no longer play/need, you have the option to trade it in for cash or credit towards your purchase.

I know this is vague information but it should be what any sane person would tell you. Everybody has different interests in music, play styles, etc. So picking the right guitar is up to you. The only real advice I can give is for you NOT to go to a Best Buy Music store. They suck. Based on my experience in their stores, they are half as knowledgeable and have hiked up prices in compairsion to places like guitar center and musiciansfriend.com.

Get the one that has the barred inlays (not dots)
and has the chrome pickup covers

I have a Gibson SG black with dotted inlays.
Wish I got the barred inlays with chrome pickup covers