i know, this is yet another LED guitar thread but all the others just dont answer my questions.
what im looking for is a LED circuit which responds to the sound my guitar makes,
no sound=no light
soft sound=dimmed light
loud sound=bright light
As i know, the louder the sound, the higher the output of the guitar so i know ive got to connect the LEDS to the guitars output, however just the output signal alone isnt enough, at home i had some small amps lying about and i connected the guitars output through the amp to the leds and it actually worked really good.
Having had that im in need of a circuit which has my guitars output and amplifies it, i was thinking of just a small LM386 amp but how would i wire it up?
I saw a thread on something like this a few years ago but i couldnt find it anymore.
if anyone could help it would be really really good
thanks in advance
How many leds do you to light want to drive and what led colour? (this will dictate the circuit to be used)
you could use a dual opamp like a TL072 or JRC4558 etc, have one side used as a unity buffer, and the other side used to amplify the signal enough to light the LED. this way, you can take the guitar's signal output from right after the buffer section, before the amplifier, so the signal is preserved and you don't have to worry about the LED section messing with sound.

the second stage's output is the voltage source of the LED. wire a 330R resistor, a diode (1N4001 will work), and the LED in series, across the amplifier section's outputs (output and ground). you can control the "gain" of the amplifier to change the voltage hitting the LED (and the resistor/diode). more signal = more gain.

i guess it's time to read up about operational amplifiers!
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Hank, it will be 5 leds, white colour
ECistheBest, could you put this in a wiring diagram?
thanks already for your responses