I'm feeling that guitar panned left in the beginning needs to carry out that riff instead choking it to synch with the other chords. I think the effect would provide some drama to the riff. The guitars could use a bit more presence in the low end, and maybe a mids boost, they seem feel a bit weak when the vocals come into the mix, maybe the high-pass is a bit too much if you have one?

Drums sound pretty good, toms have nice boom to them but they invade the bass a bit I think. Cymbals sit well, snare tone isnt my thing but its mixed in good.

Lastly, as a whole, I feel the song should be faster. By 5-10 bpm, it feels like its been slowed down almost.
Lascaille's Shroud

Progressive Cosmic Death Metal


You only exist because we allow it,
And you will end because we demand it.