Here you will find how was my first experience swapping the original pickups of my 2010 LP Studio Worn Brown by a couple of EMGs, namely the 81 and the 85 - a setup like Zakk Wylde does.

This pickups come in packaged with everything you will need, plus the setup is totally solderless, making the task easy as pie.

The only thing to really highlight, not so easy as connecting straight away the wires, was reconnecting the pickup switch to the EMG B157 Buss, the core of the pickup setup. I believe this is the key change from most other LPs, especially maybe in regards to older models.

This is also the main reason for this quick tutorial - my LP is a quite new one so internal guitar connections and wirings change from time to time.

I also had a deep search in Internet without finding a tutorial on this specific LP model, so here we go.

First thing, decide if you want the 81 in the bridge or in the neck. Out of blatant ignorance, I decided to go exactly as Zakk does, with the 85 in the neck and 81 in the bridge.

Second thing, grab the packaged setup instructions and follow Diagram number #8, pictured below.

1. Naking your lady.
First thing I did was to swap out everything and leave it totally naked. Strings, Pickups, Bridge, Volume and Tone knobs et al.

2. Setup new knobs.

Here is a picture of the electronic that my LP came with - you need to strip it out completely. Pull off all the knobs, open the back side and extract the whole piece. Here you can notice the "Switch" connector that the incoming EMG B157 Buss does not have and so some easy wire work will need to be done to connect the pickup switch cable.

In the above pic one Volume knob is already setup. Next, setup the other volume and tone knobs - due to wire lenght, I had to setup the volumes on the left part and tones in the right part, not a major issue. However, Your mileage may vary. The volume and tone knobs are different, and their electronics come labelled as such.

Knobs replaced... as said and due to wire lenght, I had to alter the original LP volume/tone disposition by this one.

3. The Pickup Switch and starting with the B157 cabling

The original pickup switch cable comes in with a connector as seen on the above picture. However, the B157 comes in with all 4 cables to be inserted separately, thus you will need to cut off and peel them up, and insert them as labelled in the Instruction Diagram #8. Some indications in the next picture:

Cables that match with these ones:

There you can see the Bridge, Neck, Output, and Ground Cables. There is a fifth cable that will not be used - do not connect it anywhere!

And inside the LP:

Continues ...
... So the B157 was the first thing I started cabling as said on the instructions. I found a place for the B157 in the cabinet as shown on the next pic. The velcro comes in really handy. When wiring, keep in mind to reserve a place for the battery, too.

Here you can see the output jack connected to the guitar jack already - that was the second cable I connected to the EMG B157 Buss. I firstly setup the Bridge pickup, and when all its cabling was connected, proceeded with the Neck pickup.

The following is a no-brain-needed task - keep cabling as per the instructions:

...As it is detailed in the Diagram number #8 that came with your pickups, until you get something similar to this:

Pickup setup finished. You can notice the 81 as it has the EMG logo in Silver color, and the 85 in Gold color:

Happy tones!