Wrote it in GP5 then lost it (and the program itself ) and had to rewrite it in GP6, so gimme what you got, I'm happy to C4C.


EDIT: the gp5 track did some strange things after exporting, so I'm just going to ask you to envision it a whole lot more epically than it sounds there, and without the bass going crazy with the slapping. Sorry
All For You condensed.gp5
All For You condensed.gpx.zip
O hai. I am track fife, all my bassings are for belong to you.
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I'll do what you did for me as it plays

Very cool clean intro, really like that part.

Really like the lead bit shortly after.

The riff straight after the lead one is genius.

Some funky stuff on the bass, nicely done.

The second solo is also very well written.

Nice use of overdubbing the guitar parts for layering.

All in all it fits together very well as a song, nothing stands out as being out of place. Could quite easily imagine it properly recorded, great job
Thanks man! I've been working on it for a good bit!
O hai. I am track fife, all my bassings are for belong to you.
Alrighty, critting as I go, and thanks for the crit on mine

Actually, listening to the GP5 and there seem to be a few things wrong. Mainly with volumes and tracks. Im using MIDI (RSE is too much for this computer), and the volumes seem very uneven, and one track is an acoustic while the other is distortion at bar 29.

But putting that aside, Ill try to use my imagination and listen anyways.

The intro was nice, good use of melody over those stummed root notes on the acoustic. Bar 13 came in with a nice drumline, but I dont get the guitar fading out right there, I'd just keep that going. Bar 29, the heavy riff would be sweet, but that one guitar is staying an acoustic guitar and kinda takes away its thunder. The verse was nice, I really liked the vocal melody overtop, sounded great. Im not sure if guitar 1a is supposed to be distorted, but I set it as one and it sounded a lot better in my opinion.

The repeats of the verse and the headbangingsuperjam part all fit well and sounded right. Bar 77 was definitely a mood shifter and I loved the happy feel of it, fit well too. The guitar solo with the trade off half way through was wonderful, but I would try to end on a stronger note at bars 96-97. The dropout of one guitar for that heavy break was pretty good, but Id like to see it continued somewhere. Bar 121 on was awesome.

The 2 Verses/Outro closed the song up really nicely. Very nice job. Overall, it was pretty impressive. I liked the piano's melodies throughout and once I tweaked the sound a bit I could tell it was a good song. Good writing here, just a bit hectic to listen to at times because of the MIDI.
Yeah, sorry about the screwy sounds, I think exporting from gp6 to gp5 changed the sound on guitar 1a. and I guess there's something wrong with gp5's bass slap feature. I've been composing and putting it into gp6 for awhile now, and I really like the sound I can get, it's sad that it didn't translate.

I've got it on soundcloud as it sounds from gp6, and it's a bit more like I intended: http://soundcloud.com/evanshill/all-for-you-stereogpxmix

It doesn't sound perfect, but if you want a better sound, it's there.

What I kinda wanted around bar 96-98 and onwards was to make a strong fade from the solo and have that part wash over and then fade, but I'm not sure how it'd work. I'll definitely work on that area! Thanks man!
O hai. I am track fife, all my bassings are for belong to you.