I think i am the first person to ever have a bigsby on this model. (or at least i think so)

Hey guys! I finally got the chance to post up pictures of my Epiphone Les Paul Zakk Wylde with a Bigsby! I love this guitar for so long and finally got it for my birthday as a gift. I've always loved how it looks. I play worship, christian music, ambient type stuff, alternative and much more like that!

I used a vibramate v7 to get the bigsby on my guitar. It costed me a well 245$. it's a lot but its worth it compared to buying it off the site thats around 300$+

I've researched a lot before buying this vibramate and i've got to say its a really well done and built accessory to attach to my guitar. The plates that are attached to my guitar are really solid and feel good. it also comes with the screws that are needed so there's no need to find any. The installation was pretty easy i've got to say, it took me less than 5 minutes to set everything up. It took me longer to string my guitar than it took for installation. I've got to say it didn't affect the tone or sound quality at all, it made the sound even better. I've got to say also the sustain is still great. it sounds just like it was before. It might of made it slight difference than before so it doesn't sound like before, but maybe i just don't remember. Otherwise the vibramate is a great buy for the guitar. It took me awhile to find a case for the guitar but i found one that finally worked, it was the REGULAR black epiphone les paul case. otherwise i couldn't find anything else to fit.

the biggest questions**

Hows the tuning?
Tuning isn't bad, my gibson grovers are better than the standard grovers that it comes with, depending on how much you use the bigsby the tuning gets bad. I actually haven't had too much problem with tuning, it doesn't off tune as much as i thought it would of. As long as your not bombing down or up on the bigsby you should be fine.

Any strings snapping?
I am using the original tune-o-matic bridge and its doing fine, no problems of snapping strings or any problems. i was looking for a roller bridge, but this works fine to me.

Can you see the vibramate?
its pretty invisible and goes right under the bigsby so its pretty hard to see far away.

Was it hard to install?
i had problems with matching up where the holes went, otherwise the vibramate fits perfectly fine and the v7 works and also i believe the vibramate v5 works too (on the website it says so)

Hey, let me know if you guys have any questions or anything about the bigsby or vibramate. if you want more detailed pictures let me know. i only took these pictures really quick. Thanks! no hate please!


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surely thats completely the wrong guitar for what you play? Although im loving how completely random using a bigsby equipped zakk wylde les paul for softer stuff is.
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Haha, well the guitar is not for what i play, but i've always loved this guitar for a long time. so i got it The guitar can play super clean and dirty when i want it to be, so i like the versatility.
Its actually such an awesome guitar, they should do a LP with that neck and without the bullseye.

That looks great

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thanks! i totally agree. I love the neck on this LP, makes it so smooth to run up and down the frets.
Dude that is great! I love it, maybe swap the pick ups next? Telecasters are great as well, I love mine. They're great guitars and in my opinion easily modified.
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Hmm, im not too sure about pick ups, i might just keep them the way they are, they sound good enough to me, i don't see why i want to change them even though they aren't for the music i play. but telecasters are nice, im just worried if i might not play both guitars and maybe only one! lol.
Haha, I like these pickups as they are, they are working fine for me. Instead of diffrent pickups, im going to put that money towards a telecaster.
Sweet! It does looks nice on this guitar!

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Thanks! I love it! I always loved the bigsby and i had to put it on this one.
Vibramate makes it so much easier than drilling permanent holes inside the guitar. I actually love how it turned out.
Update: I've had the bigsby for about 2 months, the bigsby is still in good shape. There has been no tuning issues. Tuning is actually great. I dont dive bomb it when i play either because I never have the need to do that but otherwise using it doesn't affect my tuning as much. I love it.
I have a bigsby on my dg335 project that me and my dad built, I think I used a mustang bridge or something like that, I was considering getting one for my lp black beauty but I didn't what to have the holes left underneath, is it like an adapter you used? And what model bigsby is it?
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Quote by gangsta_rick
I have a bigsby on my dg335 project that me and my dad built, I think I used a mustang bridge or something like that, I was considering getting one for my lp black beauty but I didn't what to have the holes left underneath, is it like an adapter you used? And what model bigsby is it?

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