Just got a used Big Muff Pi for $50 from my local guitar store... good deal or bad deal? I'm not too sure how much these things go for used.

New, they go for $79 so...
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That's a reasonable offer, I think that's what I got mine for. Why would you wait until after you bought it to ask if the price was fair?

I guess this is technically an NPD, so congrats, but you need a picture.
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I bought it on a whim, the sales rep told me they go for around $80 to $90 new so I took his word for it but didn't have the time to check. The guys down at the guitar store are great about returning things and it was the cheapest pedal there. There just wasn't really any risk invovled. I buy and return pedals all of the time.

Thanks! I didn't think it would require a picture though, they all look the same lol
Same price I got mine for so ya, typical of a used product in a chain store, they sell stuff at 66% of new value. HNPD
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