I found this stripped down guitar today for $35! The headstock looks pretty close to a Kramer classic, but I'm not really sure as it is slightly pointier than the pictures that I've seen. Note the input jack faces down as opposed to diagonally like most of the Kramer's (or Strats) that I've seen. Also note the intricate fret markers.

So my first questions - what is it? Any guess as to the type of wood it is made of? The neck is painted black over light color wood, would that be maple maybe?

My second question - what am I going to do with it? Check out the routing - made for some kind of floyd rose bridge? What will fit? What would be some good pickups? (I like to play classic rock, blues, etc).

I'm pretty handy, but have never built a guitar or anything of the sort. Any help and insight would be hugely appreciated!
I would say if your experienced and know what your doing to go for it, but if you dont and your not, avoid it like the plague.

That thing has money pit, written all over it.

As for the brand, I couldnt say but those inlays are ringing a bell but I cant place from where.

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Not a Kramer.

Body wood looks like either poplar, basswood or fairly light-colored alder. Would need a higher res photo, to check out the grain.

I wouldn't bother. It looks like it will take a lot of work to restore it and if you're that keen to put together a project guitar from scratch, try Warmoth or one of those companies that sell Fender and Jackson parts through ebay.
Based on the headstock and the body shape, I'd say that it has to be a Carvin of some sort. Not sure of the exact model, though.
Quote by Tom 1.0
That thing has money pit, written all over it.

This times 1,000,000.
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Why will it be a money pit ? I figure the hardest part will be finding the right bridge. The wood is great, I figure I'll just stain it with poly coat. I'm not looking to bring it back to original or anything, I just want a cool guitar to play with some decent pickups. The frets are even in good condition.

Any positive things to say anyone!!?? C'mon, I'm so excited I found for $35!
Go for it...the guy who said warmoth, is retarded. 35 bucks compared 5-600 for just a warmoth body and neck? No.

I think for 35 bucks you cant go wrong...it'll be a learning experience, and aggravating at first. But when your done youll appreciate what you've done, and take away a lot more knowledge of the workings of guitars...
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