I am currently playing a Gibson Les Paul Traditional 1960 with the 57 classic pickups through a Blackstar HT Club-40. I want to improve how my guitar sounds on clean. Im going for a classic rock sound like the Eagles or Wings. What would improve the sound more? Swapping the pickups or getting a new amp?
A new amp would be better to clean up your sound as those pickups are already really good for cleans. I would suggest a Fender amp for really good cleans.
I have been looking into amps but should i get another combo or should i just get a head?
what pedals would you suggest? The blackstar amp has decent reverb
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Describe your current clean sound to us. Too bright, too dark, too scooped, not scooped enough? Good/poor dynamics? What do you like about it?

You're already running a pretty nice setup, so I wouldn't really reccomend splashing out on a new amp. I imagine your overall tone is going to be pretty dark to start with, so pickups are more likely the better option at this stage.
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the tone sounds a little dirty. Im not really sure how to describe it but it is not as "clean" as i would like.
Id reccommend taking your amp to a guitar shop and trying different guitars with different pickups through it to see if you can even get the tone you want out of that amp with different pickups. If you cant than look into a new amp.
i would say amp but im biased due to the fact im GASing for a les paul trad with those pickups......

yea new amp
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