floyd rose are a pain in the ass. they are fun and all but a pain to set up. the lead guitarist in my old band had a floyd rose on his jackson and palm muted alot, i dont think he had problems. ive never heard of that before.
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It might be a little different at first, but hard to palm mute on? Not likely unless its set up badly, but at 250 it may be an okay guitar but don't expect the floyd to be top notch.
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Floyd rose is not bad. I palm mute heavily without changing the pitch. Easy.

Just different then fixed bridge.

Sounds like you may not be ready for a FR. They do take more time and understanding.
I actually find it easier to palm mute on a floyd rose. But they are hard to set up and change strings. If you have a backup guitar, I'd recommend it. If not, don't buy it if you are uncertain of yore patience.
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Is it harder to change strings on floyd rose? Yes
It is harder to change tuning? Yes
Is floyd rose useful? Definitely yes
Is it harder to palm mute? No, why would it be? If you are unsure, go to the nearest guitar store and try a few guitars with floyd rose.

LTD is amazing, IF your spending $500 or up, everything else tends to be junky. Check out this Ibanez, in your price range Ibanez tends to be alot better quality, this guitar is really nice actually, but it is $50 more, though it's totally worth it.

Floyd rose at that price range is 100% pain and work for 50% of the benefit of a FR. Really not worth it. Giant pain, plus you said you have issues palm muting a FR.
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I never had trouble palm muting. Just don't press down on it like a gorilla.

If a Floyd is what you want, then a Floyd is the way to go. But unless you block it, just know it's difficult to change tunings or string gauge. Decide on a tuning, and a string gauge, get it set up, and plan on keeping it like that. Unless you have the patience to learn how to take care of that by yourself.