Ok i got a question about my guitar center coverage. I just baught a esp/ltd ec-200qm with the pcgu used 12 month upgraded warranty on it and i wonder that since they fix my guitar if it is broken for free then will they do a tune up for free too? since i am having some trouble with my low e-string fret buzz i dont want to mess with it to much so i was wondering if i could get it professionally done. BTW first post
You should probably ask a Guitar Center representative. Thats more of a company's policy, not really an electric guitar related issue. I can't see why it wouldn't be covered by the warranty, but I'm not really affiliated with Guitar Center.
I believe the warranty covers having a problem that hinders the function of the instrument, not something like tuning or a string change.
But if the action is too low or something like that and it was a problem when you got it, they should take a few minutes and help you out