First off, I'm not sure if this belongs here or in the technique forum so please move it if necessary.

How far does practice get you?

I'm trying to learn the sweet child o mine solo and reached the fast shreddy-thingy part and realized I'm not even close to being able to do that. I learned the rest of it (except for that fast 4 second part) in a few minutes.

Will practicing that over and over, gradually building speed help get near that speed? I know it will take hours but if I can't play fast, should I just wait a few years and then return to the solo?

Sorry if I seem desperate but I really want to be able to play through the song..why? Cuz its amazing!!!!

Wishing you well,
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If you take it note by note and sequence by sequence it will come. Just go very slow at first. It has worked for me in the past. Sure its monotonous, but hey. You gotta do what ya gotta do.

Thats the thing.......its gets on my nerves AFTER I practice. Right now, I can't get the first part of the solo out of my head because I played it so many times to memorize it and now it's driving me insane.

In my head, sometimes it plays really slow and then it goes to full speed and never gets out of my head!!!!!!!!!!!! Is kinda like a song stuck in your head that keeps playing repeatedly, only worse because its a solo.......
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She will join the prom.

She insists to wear this lights.

I don't think so.

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Play something else afterwards. Try breaking it down into the different techniques you need to be able to play it. Do some exercises that help with those techniques and then go back to it. Switch it up a bit, so that you don't go insane listening to the same bit over and over. Play other songs that have that technique or similar parts. Remember to always play it accurately over playing it quickly. That should help cut down the time it takes.
its the most obvious secret of guitar. most people give up when learning solo's and i get constantly discouraged but play it slow and enough times, and it will become as easy to play as any riff you play without thinking about it. just MAKE SURE u hit every note right or your muscles will remember it wrong.
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I've been playing four years and decided to learn it in January just gone. I started by guitar a guitar pro version of the tab and adding a very simple beat to it. Just the lead guitar and the beat. I then slowed it down to 40 bpm. The song's originally 122 bpm I think. So I kept playing at 40 bpm for about two weeks just so I knew it off by heart and had the timing and everything down. Then, I started to gradually build the speed up by 10 bpm. Once I had it down at that speed, I'd up it again. I'm got it 110bpm now. It needs tidying up, but it's nearly there.

Slowing it down will help a lot. It's a bit of a tricky solo, but keep practicing and you'll get it. Also, what helped me, it my right hand. Watch what you do with it when you play the solo. If your right hand's moving towards the bass strings, use an upstroke, if your hand's going down, down-pick it. That helped massively. Especially when I got it faster and was finding it hard to improve it. Maybe, if there's a few fast runs, use hammer ons and pull offs.

Good luck!