Hi, I never played bass before, but as a guitar player I know that acoustic guitar is harder than electric and I was wondering if it was the same for bass ? I want to begin playing bass and am having a hard time choosing between the two kinds, what would you recommend ?

Thank you for your answers
Acoustic bass is harder. I own one and I barely play it anymore cause it's uncomfortable to play. It's fun to mess around with outside, but I much prefer electric basses.
I'd say electric. there just more to do with it. I think you'd probably lose interest in an acoustic after a while. Electric just brings more to the table
Get am electric. Acoustic basses are expensive, uncomfortable, and quiet.
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Acoustic guitar is harder than electric? Acoustic bass is harder than electric bass? What?...

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Depends the strings, depends on your play style as well. Acoustic Basses in general are a bitch just because of how large the body is but once you're accustomed to it its not a big deal. The tone on an acoustic can be ****in' phenomenal (Nirvana Live unplugged for example).