- I know that this picture is a bass
- This is just a reference of what I remember the body looking like
- It was detailed
It isn't a mainstream brand.
I believe it might be from Europe

If this bass body reminds me you of the guitar I'm talking about, let me know!
It had a model name similar to beast or something (not from bc rich..)

I saw it a long time ago but forgot the company name and everything else.
Please help!

If it helps, that's a Rickenbacker 4003 model. I've also heard that Ric's CEO John Hall is anal about copies of the Ric designs. I looked at Saytr's suggestion, the Schecter Stargazer, and the general shape is similar, but you'd need to mod a bit to get it exactly the same. With Ric being so difficult about copies, the best thing you could do is build one yourself. You can't (legally) commission a custom builder to make you one, as it would fall under commercial copyright infringement.

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Unfortunately it was none of the suggestions :[
I'm positive that someone will come up with it

The body was just bizarre and had lots of details (not paint or image details). It was like the hardware and stuff.
it was probably either a Schecter Stargazer or a Rickenbacker 620
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Found the guitar I was talking about!

It looks nothing like the reference picture

It's a Burns Bison

How I found it:

I searched "list of guitar manufacturers"
went to the wiki page and started with A
good thing Burns was in the B's

Thanks everyone!


The only thing that I got right was my memory of what the name was
I remembered it being similar to "beast"
and turns out this is called a bison
so I'm glad I finally found out
been like 6 years!
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+1 for the Schecter Stargazer.

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That's actually remarkably similar. I've never ever ever considered that I'd even think about owning a Schecter, but that's a pretty good looking guitar.
I think I found the most hideous looking headstock I've ever seen on that Burns site...

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