Pretty odd thread but I need some help. I will be ordering a Pedaltrain PT1 and a Voodoo Lab PP2+ along with some other pedals. But I need help putting it all together. These are the pedals that I currently have.

- Ernie Ball VP JR (soon to be modded)
- TC Polytune
- Fulltone OCD
- Boss NS2

Here are the pedals I want to order and have on my board.

- Danelectro Fish N Chips (Debating between this or an actual booster. Suggestions?)
- Boss DD20 (with loop master tap)
- MXR Phase 90
- EHX Micropog

So basically, I play in a pop punk band but I'm a lead player so I use a few effects. Here's the deal; I play with a lot of gain and I will need to put the booster (or Fish N Chips), the delay, and possibly the NS2 in the effects loop of my amp to keep them after the distortion. The problem is, I don't want to have a lot of cables running from my board to my amp. The less cables, the better. I want to use the effects loop so my tone doesn't suck and the pedals perform at their best. But again, I don't want a bunch of cables to and from my board. Is there anyway where I can organize my pedals together to where I can sneak necessary cables under the bars of the pedaltrain? Or do you think it may sound fine with everything in the front of the amp? I'm using a Marshall DSL 50 and using it's distortion for my base tone.

I may have a possible solution. SKB makes a pedalboard with a power supply that has a patch bay (I think that's what it's called) in the corner so the connections are out of the way. Would this be better than the Pedaltrain and PP2+? I'd like to stay with the cheaper option so I can have more cash to spend on the pedals.

On a side note, if it's absolutely necessary to use a lot of cables, is there anything that can keep my cables nice and neat? I'm not a huge fan of tape. Jeff Stinco (from Simple Plan) has a huge board and he has this hose thing that keeps everything nice and neat.


Thanks guys. Really need help on this one!
Whats the problem? There is only three cables going to your amp. If you want find a way to "make" and cable snake. You can do this a few ways, tape, velcro cable ties, cable ties, there is other things Ive seen as well but can't remember where.
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its not that difficult.

you have the cable from your guitar hooked up to the first effect up front, runs through the effects you have than goes to amp input.

you have your preamp out (effects send) on your amp go to the first effect in the loop, connect the pedals in the loop, once they are all hooked up, plug into power amp in (effects return) and you are all done.
Quote by glamourkilledme
I know how to connect everything. I need help on keeping everything neat and organized.

cut a solid piece of plywood scrap the ends to place under the bottom, drill through where you power connections will be running through your board (lay it out first) pop the PS wires through the top and connect with pedals, run your jumpers in between the pedals and bam, free pedal board as long as you have a little bit of plywood around.