I,m new to playing guitar and every time I go to hit a note it seems that It turns into an accidental pull-off.What I mean is when I pull my finger off the string instead of sounding a clean note it sounds like it's ringing another note.Any tips for preventing this?Will it just get better with practice?Thanks for any help.
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well instead of pulling your finger all the way off lift it just enough to mute the note before going to the next one


What he means is lift it gradually (and quickly) instead of just pulling it off in a sudden motion. It is kind of hard to explain but try to let your finger mute the string as you're pulling it off.
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First of all lift your finger in direction away from fretboard (and not up or down towards the strings. If the next note is on the same string, lower, then it is all about the timing. You will get it with practice.
If the note is on different string, then you should work on this as explained by previous posts. You can also silent the string with your right hand (with a finger) as on empty strings.
Practice chromatics scales slow, what you are doing is common to those who are new to guitar playing.

You probably want to become faster and faster in the shortest amount of time.

By trying to get faster and faster without having a good muscle memory developed you will see that you will have trouble on the long run.

I advce you to play slow until everything sounds clean and you are relaxed playing it.

Speed comes with time.

Your goal should be relaxation and clean playing, not high speed. By focusing on high speed you compromise the first 2
just sounds like you need to practice muting strings
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Thank you all for the advice. Like they say," Practice makes perfect"
Don't lift your finger off the string, relax it off. Just stop pushing down and relax the finger, it will come off the string on its own and mute the string in the process.
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just sounds like you need to practice muting strings


Watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIEnzboW0Hc

I've never gotten how anyone would be able to 'lift, but not enough to let it ring' when playing fast, so most of my muting is a combination of muting with unused fretting fingers and my right hand palm.