Does anyone know of a pedal or device that when activated can alter the tuning of your guitar? For instance, during live shows, it can be a real pain to retune my guitar from standard tuning down half a step for one or two songs, then tune it back again. It would be awesome to find a pedal that would take my guitar in standard tuning and output the sound as being tuned down or up for that matter, maybe a raised B tuning for example.

I've looked around a few places like Boss and DigiTech, but I can't seem to find anything that fits. Thanks.
You can use the pitch shift mode of an EHX Ring Thing, which will work with chords. But either way, it'll deaden the tone and sound like crap. Easier way would be to tune down to the lowest tuning you use and then bash a capo on when necessary.
The only thing I can think of is a whammy pedal, carefully adjusted so when it's activated it's at the pitch you need. But for the price of that pedal, or any pedal that would do this you're better just buying a cheapish guitar and using that.
morpheus droptune
digitech whammy DT

however the more you tune down, the flabbier it sounds. down to D or C# should be fine though. any lower and i'd suggest getting a dedicated guitar.
just play all the songs of one tuning with eachother, then tune to the other tuning and play all the songs in that tuning. then you only have to do one drastic tuning session per show
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I don't know any pedals but i use a EVH D-Tuna when i have to tune down during shows and stuff like that. just go to www.floydupgrades.com. but itll only work if you have a floyd rose installed and if you have a floating tremelo, you'll need to purchase a tremelo stopper along with it.
Multiple guitars is the way to do it. Pitch shifting devices = SORCERY!!!!

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