Been through the sunset while baked in crystalized washing machines
Directly focused towards me
Peppered sprayed and breatheing isnt an option
While sitting back in an oven with peanut butter cookies
Laughing like a thundercat making sneer remarks
Over and over again in this delicious process
Waterfalls forming inside the well
Outside my front porch
Making a sound of happiness that
I will make this journey someday
The day hasnt been developed into an orgasm trilogy
Where negative appeals my taste of this island
The forbidden door overlooking the ocean has cast me here
Old engine coughing up blood towards the black sea
It has been a focus of relative demons where treason of a crime
Damn oars from the boat broke becasue of my unsettled anger
Frustrated when I left Texas back north
Rather stayed in the heat and gone fishing at this lake
In the back country where its dry with naked leaves from the blossom tree
Eager to speak about observing the map
I was in Oklahoma during a drought couple years ago
No rain and the grass dried to a crisp
Then I appeared in a residential area surrounded by a lake
Again how can life form in this heat
No matter the island or John Locke told me that day
I had a ****ing purpose
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