Hey guys, its been a while. Recently I've change up a few things about my song writing process and what not. So I need some feedback on my new song


Its a metal song, with smidgens of clean and some melody type things

So check it out and send me some feedback on what you think, thanks

Oh yeah and of course i will c4c
Nice melodies in there, and a good flow between each of the riffs. I mostly like the part with the blast beat, out of the rhythms. Awesome solo, very well played too! The song is obviously not just a bunch of riffs thrown together, this has good structure.

Your tone is good, could be just a tad heavier but it's also fine as is. Lead tone works, i like it. You have great songwriting skills man, props.
Overall I really like this song, I started following you on SoundCloud.


Like the intro riff, nice and heavy, and really tight playing. I feel the sound of the drums could be better. The kick is too thuddy and doesn't cut through. Not a great fan of the snare sound either.
Cool lead parts though, nice and melodic. Clean part is good to mix things up. Lots of excellent riffs in here. Not always a fan of fade outs to end songs with, but it works well here.
Anyway, I really liked it, nice job, I'd just try get a better drum sound.