My morning voice, with thickened vocal chords, is far superior to my evening voice, especially for low key folk singing. Is there some clever technique/drink to replicate morning voice in the evening? Sometimes whisky tends to help, but, for various obvious reasons, this can hardly be the solution.
I asked an ENT I know (who specializes with singers) why whiskey affects the voice since it doesn't go anywhere near the vocal chords (unless it goes down the wrong way)?

He said it's just dehydration, and there's no permanent affect.
Ok, well it's good to know I can keep going with the whisky...

But seriously, my voice is really quite a bit better (for what I like it to do anyway) in the morning than during the day and in the evening. I'm sure this is a known phenomenon, and I was wondering whether one must simply accept this as such (record mornings ) or if one can somehow reproduce that morning voice with a simple, non-invasive and safe technique.
Honestly I've been wondering this for quite some time. My false chord screams and my fry screams are immensly better in the morning, and so is my singing voice.

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Might be a matter of getting fatigued through the day.

When our singer was recording an audition for a choral program, she ended up recording mid-day. First thing in the morning wasn't great, and she couldn't hit the highest notes in the evening and especially not late at night.
I think I'm the exact opposite as all of you :\

My morning voice is about an octave and a half, but lower than usual, but my singing is it's best late at night, as thats when my range is about 3 octaves. My screams sound ALOT thicker and richer in the morning, but my false chords sound like shit. My very best singing/growling/pig squeeling/etc. time is late at night. :P
dont speak or use your voice for eight hours before the show?
Sleep for six hours before the show? then stay up all night partying and go to sleep around lunch time the next day.
I can't sing for shit in the morning, and I suspect it's the same for you but you just haven't realised.

I work in a call centre, so spend all day talking on the phone and you know what, it's an absolute belter of a warmup. I sing best after a day on the phones, I can hit the iffy notes at the upper limit of my range far more consistently on my drive home than at any other time :p
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