As the topic says, what are you and your bass teacher doing at the moment?

Me and my teacher are working on some standard 12 bar blues schemes and improvising over it.
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Is that title supposed to sound as dirty as it does? It sounds like low-grade Romanian porn.

I don't have a bass teacher. I really should. If I did, we'd probably be learning how to slap like a 50s husband. And maybe looking into Victor Wooten and Steve Bailey's Bass Extremes.
Haha, it wasn't suppose to sound dirty:p

We're going through the 12 bar blues scheme in C, some theory, and just improvising over the 12bar blues with different rythms.


think thats right.
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Bass teacher is two words.

The plan's a lot of Jazz improv type stuff and some more advanced slap and funk word along with a shit load of theory.
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Putting together a function band and working on band sight-reading.
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I'm not with a bass teacher now. I'm going through all of the music theory with my guitar teacher though, and once I know about the bass clef I can teach myself the theories of bass.

Ofcourse, technique I'll have to steal from the internet/other bass players and adapt to what works best for me.