just had a tab rejected (chords actually) but, big thumbs up, you told me why. There were loads of other versions, some of them even correct. I'd searched by song title and only found one version (correct but unhelpful/poorly laid out) If I'd looked properly the correct versions are there under a short version of the title. If I's searched under artist there the good tabs were.

Well Done UG Tabs team, I'd given up submitting because of the frustration of having tabs rejected but not knowing why. I've dozens of tabs I've done as part of our cover bands work, I think I might start submitting a few.

Phil don't take it so seriously, the internet is full of jackasses. I've had my share of reject tabs and still I don't understand why they don't let you see the reasons...
Take a brake, but don't necessarily give up, maybe you'll have more luck next time