Why do you ask?
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That's the advantage of being such a distance from Yianni. I can continue to live my life without fear of stumbling upon his dark terror.

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Yes, I've had a Squier Strat and my first electric guitar, a Hohner Les Paul stolen. The guy just walked into my house (roomate left the slding-glass door open) while we were sleeping and grabbed them. (Partially my fault for putting them where they could be seen from outside the apartment.)

I've also had bikes and other expensive gear stolen, all on separate occasions. I've never stolen anything in my life - I guess that's why I've been robbed 4+ times.

If I ever catch someone in the act of stealing from me, you all might be reading about it in the newspaper...they're going to pay for ALL of the thefts right then and there.
why did you make the exact same thread in the pit.
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