WTB: Strat neck and body.

I have 60-70 quid (for now) to drop on a project I want to start up, looking for a body that needs refinishing (so the price reflects this, I am happy to strip one but dont want to pay for a nice finish) and a working neck, pretty much any offers along these lines welcome. Standard Fender scale. (25.5)

I also need a white Pickguard, a EMG 81/85 and 2 EMG single coils, but would prefer to get the neck and body first.



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i have the body in my sig for grabs.

i messed it up so gonna start again.

please note i am NOT gonna include the p-ups, machine heads, string tree, switch, knobs, bridge, jack input, etc

i'll sell you the body and neck.

lemme know if you're interested.
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