if so what is the finger positions and if not which is most beneficial to learn first.
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Yes it's good.
X24432 is the chord as you probably know, use this order of fingers: index, ring, pinky, middle
My mate Dave learnt Bm as his first barre chord. The pressure got too much and now he's an alcoholic. Be careful.
You should start with F Major or F minor, i think is more used than B in the popular song.

Come to think at it.

You can start with any chord you want because on the long run you need to learn as many as you can
Don't start with F anything, fretting is a bitch at the first fret

Best barre chord to start with is arguably an E-shape B major with the root on the low E string, frets aren't too close together and you don't need too much pressure to get the notes fretted cleanly.
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