Hey all,

Great site and great forum, which has helped me no end to not waste money on my gear.
To start, it has been over 25yrs since I have touched a guitar since throwing a hissy fit with managers, hangers on and the general lowlifes in the gigging world and selling all my gear eventually to support my family.

Well now, early last year I just got the urge to play again and rehash some of my things again so got an Ibanez AGS 8 so I could sit outside , without an amp, and rattle away.
Man, it all come back.... within a few months the fingers where working again, the riffs where flowing.... I just had to get an amp again.
Full steam into the shops and out I come with a little Line6 spider...Now I realise that gear has advanced 100 fold and my ears are not as bad as the Wife thinks they are ( totally deaf when she is blabbing on and moaning)... This amp is pure and utter sheet.....
Two weeks later back out to the shops to get a Fender Frontman 65r for a good clean sound and s/hand too at a cheap price, now I am convinced it is the guitar that sounds poop too.
I just cannot get that "Tone" I had or wanted.
Now here is the good part, My kids are grown up and support themselves and I am in a position to now spend the moolah on MEEEEEEE
6 months later of trying every brand, type and style of guitar the Fender US DLX HSS grabbed my hand and took me home closely followed by the Blues Junior a week later as the Frontman now sounded cack...
Lessons learnt there, read all you can BEFORE you buy or come here and ask first..

The Boss RC 300 has been ordered and paid for, well have ever tried playing on your own when you are hitting the zone with your own material?
Delay is next on the list now this is where it gets tricky..
Have you seen what is out there? Well obviously you have or I wouldn't be asking.
There was not even a tenth of this 25 yrs ago let alone the manufacturers!
So, what would you consider essential gear pedal wise snd by whom?
What's going to give me a Gilmour sound one day then Clapton the next???
Nothing in the metal zone please, I am not a shred machine, Its just not big and its not clever!
Any suggestions that I can go out and try?
I don't want to go out and gig, I just want to be me but there is only so much you can do with that ultra clean sound.

I have a remaining budget of $3500au but don't want top end gear just decent good quality, essential gear.
Hopefully in this I will have enough to buy a s/hand drum rhythem machine and recorder too ie BR 600 or 800.
Whoa this is a long post... Wake up and give me some ideas and suggestions.
Hurry ... help me spend it before the wife finds the stash and buys more shoes.

Ibanez tubescreamer, not too pricey, but great pedal. Maybe a little chorus to add that buttery sound. And welcome back to the world of playing guitar, it is addicting.
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Now that SFX sounds like a good option, even though the first three paragraphs flew over my head higher then the NASA space station.
The best bit was where it said tru bypass so I can instantly go from my original tone to a bit more distortion at the press of a button.
I had noticed with some pedals and boxes that if i just had the guitar plugged straight into the amp and then put the box/pedal in there was a difference in tone! I will not name the manufacturer but I will not even look at any of their stuff now.

Anymore suggestions, Saturdays coming! lol