Hey guys, I'm looking at buying a new guitar End of October(ish) (birthday in October and I should have a Christmas temp job for the following months if I can't afford then).

I've seen a Gretsch Pro Jet (G5235T I believe) With Bigsby for around £480 ($745ish for Americans) that I haven't played yet but I love my guitar teachers Gretsch.

Also looking at an Epiphone Les Paul Standard (Love Les Pauls but think they're a bit generic).

I currently have an Ibanez RGR321EX Which is generally tuned anything inbetween drop-C to E standard (Majority of the time drop-D) but as the guitar is primarily for metal as you can kind of guess it doesn't get the best clean tone out of it and also struggles to play anything other than Metal / Hard Rock. The whole purpose of getting a new guitar is for more variety of music to be able to play other styles of music that I'm interested in (as you've probably guessed by now).

So, can anyone tell me from experience why I should buy one or the other?
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Ok, well the Gretsch would sound like absolute SHIT for metal. Shit isn't even the word. A Les Paul would be your better bet, because it has a nice fat bottom end. Honestly, just play around with different guitars, and with pedals you can achieve almost any sound you want. A Les Paul is much more diverse as you can get a sparkling clean sound or a super bassy sound as well. I would go for that as you can get more bang for your buck.
Les Paul all the way, but saying that no one but yourself can make the decision! Go and play a few guitars that take your fancy and choose the one YOU like best.
If you read my first post this guitar isn't for metal, the guitar i have at the moment is what I'm using, this will be for more soft rock (Red hot chili peppers for example).
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