Alright T&C, it's been a while.

In the meantime I picked up the bass half a year ago and now I can actually play the basslines I write.

The song is supposed to have vocals over verse, chorus and partly over the bridge as well. I also had to use a few more tracks than usual to get the sound in RSE right.

C4C, the more you write the more I write back.

edit: rse mp3 on my profile
ad-mod final.zip
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haha very funky bass i really liked it, perhaps you can make a cleaner guitar for the verse and leave the overdriven ones for the chorus, solo and intro, that will give more energy and more verticality to the song...

the basslines were cool, and they perfectly fitted with each other. although the commentary above, guitars were nice as well. The solo was good, i imagine it'll sound a lot better live, played with more passion and a better sound than guitar pro lol... and I really enjoy the two-guitar solo, and a lot more when it's such a melodic one like the third.

to sum up, it's a very good composition that needs to be polished just a little bit (one or other note in the solo seemed out of place,and whatever)... also a nice rest of all the metal that it's uploaded here.
very good man

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Awesome song, probably the best thing Ive heard on this site, no joke. I especially loved the rhythm section, it really gave me a RHCP kind of vibe. I dont have any songs for you to crit, but if its not too much to ask, could you help me with the drums on one of them? Your style of drum tabbing would really fit it, I think. Thanks a lot in advance.
First off, I love the bass line. I've always been against boring root note basslines and I try to avoid them when I write stuff. But their not as good as yours . The bass riff still stuck in my head.
Main Riff continued the nice funky vibe, and I like like little lead lick on the clean guitar.
Now the verse unfortunately breaks that funky vibe and seems to border slightly on metal sometimes. I think its the 2,4 power chord. If you replace it with a 3,5 power chord on the E string I think it works a little better. Also, changing the grace noted 8s into 10s helps as well. But it's your song so do what you like.
Interlude was a nice little linking thing. Not much to say about it.
The chorus is awesome! I love how you used those quarter bends, and everything sounds funky again in a good way.
Bridge mixed things up a bit with the major shift and provided a nice calm before the storm to lead up to the solo
Speaking of which, the solo started out great. But solo 2 started bordering on a metally sound again. The harmonic minor notes didn't help. But solo 3 was nice, and ended great.
Outro was a great way of ending it, mainly because I get to hear more of that bass.

Overall a great and groovy song that just needs a tiny bit of tweaking

Could you C4C 'A Flame In The Night' (in my sig). Don't get me wrong, I'm genuinely interested in listening to stuff in the Tabs and Chords forum. I didn't just come in for the C4Cs.
Musical Theatre! *jazz hands*

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Critic as I listen
lol the intro reminded of like a Sienfeld bass line. The main riff sounds more jazzy and it fits I suppose. So far the song seemingly doesn't really have sections but more like different instruments getting solos, or at least it seems like that through verse 2.
I liked the chorus, first time the song feels different. The bridge was a p bad ass part for the most part. Probably my favorite part, really like the clean guitar part.
The first solo was cool, but the second solo seemed kind of generic, eh. I'm indifferent on the third solo, I think the distortion guitar should be a tad quieter even though it is soloing. I think a 'background' solo just makes more sense, if that makes sense.
The outro kind of drags on too long in my opinion.

Everyone else seemingly likes the bass line, but I think they didn't fit too much at times, and it gets boring due to the rhythm of the bass being the same for a majority of the song. Meh, maybe this just isn't my type of music.
Intro - Nice bass lines, but you already knew that xD

Main Riff - Nice Chords, gives it a kinda "jazzy, funky" feel for it, well, not really jazzy, i can't remember the exact feeling... but nice riff there.

Verse - Bass and guitar playing the same riff, better than playing just the root notes of the chords, I try to create interesting bass lines that fit with the song and the riff, but I just fail at it

Interlude - Nice little solo, the D# you added there ( I think it's the blue note, right? ) give a nice vibe to it

Chorus - Heavy funky riff, I liked, and the bass is cool too, nice.

Bridge - Calm, a little build-up there for the awesome solo

Solo 1 - Great solo, pentatonics all the way xD
Solo 2 - Change of mood there, but I liked it better than the first solo, I think it fits better my type of playing...
Solo 3 - Slow, nice, really good, great ending for the solo

Well, that's it I think... Nice song overall, and you can write full songs, my songs always stop in one part