My parents keep pointing out that because of my guitar playing, my left shoulder (non-picking hand) is lower than my right one, and they're right. They're worried and now so am I, so how do I solve this?

I don't want to be the hunchback of my city. D:


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I think it's normal to have a slight difference in shoulder height; my left is also slightly lower but not noticeably so.
I doubt it's because of guitar playing but if you're really worried, see a doctor.
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Let me guess: when you practice, you are sitting down with the guitar resting on your right leg on an angle so the body of the guitar is more or less at your side so you have to hold your right arm up and back to pick correctly, and as a result, you feel a lot of tension in your right shoulder, right? If this is the case, just change where your guitar is sitting. Have it rest on your left leg, or practice standing up. If you still feel a lot of tension in your shoulder, go see a doctor. Tension and pain are the last things you want when you play guitar. And you shouldn't have to contort your body either.
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