Budget- 200 to maybe 225 euro ( it's going to be a gift so saving up is not quite possible )
Genres- metal for most of the time, right now mostly Machine Head and Arch Enemy. Nice cleans are welcome, but hi-gain is mostly what i look after.
I accept both used and new, but it's hard to get a second-hand amp here (Poland, Europe).
I will mostly play at home, sometimes with other guitarist.
Right now i'm playing through a POD, my guitar has SD Invader in bridge.
I'm considering a small tube amp+OD or dist pedal (pack of epiphone valve jr+mxr fullbore metal is discounted, should it work for my needs?) or a peavey vypyr 30 (recording out is a big + for me, but i'm worried if it sounds digital and flat, which is one of reasons i want to move on from POD), but i'm open to your suggestions.

Yeah, i'm leaning more towards vypyr because of larger speaker - i heard that 5-watt tube amps usually usually lack balls for heavier stuff because of it. Plus it gives me some wattage which may prove useful in future.
get the 60 if you can swing it (I got mine for $315 USD) - the power tubes really help the tone but even the 30 and 75 all solid state versions are pretty good sounding too

which Pod do you have and are you going to sell it?
My POD is one of the cheapest- I was really on the budget when I bought it. I' m rather not going to sell it as for now, I may use it with my notebook as highly mobile rig I already stalked e-bay and it's local equivalent and haven't found used 60's. ;/