haha insane cover dude
you look very cool with those shades
amazing job, i hope you'll win, wht can i do to vote for you???
Damn dude.....that is KILLER. Great job. I can't really think of anything bad about it lol
Thanks for the comment man, I really appreciate it!

You know, when I saw that there will be a competition, I was planning to try myself, but then I thought that there is a chance you to come in and I quit . And I was right. I saw your video the day when you uploaded it. If I need to be honest, I don't think that there could be a better performance than yours. Professional look, flawless, accurate and tight playing, great tone. Just another of your masterpieces. It is great and deserves to win. Good luck and I want to show me the signed guitar, when you receive it!
Wow very good playing. The cover was pretty much spot on and your playing was pretty flawless. I also seen you did some Protest songs and I squeeked liked a school girl. And of course they are very awesome too. Hope you win man, =D