I've been learning a few of the songs I like, but there are sections which don't quite sound like the original and I was wondering if you could help me figure them out. If this thread is not in the right section, I'd like to apologize.

  • The 2nd and 3rd parts of the Money riff sound weird. At the 2nd part after 5~ 2 5~ 2 on the A string and the 2 5 on the E, the rest just sounds weird. In my tab it's 2 0 5~ 2 (on the A). On the 3rd part of Money, after the walkdown 0h4 3 2 on the D it just sounds weird. My tab says 2 (A) 0 3 (E) 0 0 2 0 5~ 2~ (A).
  • On Queen's Crazy Little Thing Called Love, I know the strumming pattern is DUDU UDU, but I just can't figure out the rhythm. Any tips or videos of someone playing it slowly so I get the rhythm (I got the chords) ?
  • The rhythm or strumming pattern for PF's Mother (I got the chords) and maybe a replacement for the F chord (I just can't do barre, but until I learn them I'd like to be able to play the song)
  • And finally on Wish you were here, during the intro, how many times should I strum the chords (G major but with different voicing and another one) and finally the rhythm/strumming pattern for the chords in the verses.

Even helping with one subpoint or something, everything is appreciated. Thanks
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When i cant quite nail a tab, I find it helps to watch videos of other people covering songs on youtube. Those are all popular so you should be able to find plenty examples of people playing them on guitar (or even tutorials).

Btw, love floyd. Them and Radiohead are by far my favs.