i was just wondering if i block off my floyd rose will it just simply tune to drop B or is it not that simple? thanks
How will you block it? Yeah, It should do, but be sure that it is in the correct position for intonation and such.

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Wait what? Are you talking about blocking it off with like a Tremol-No? If so that would leave it in what ever tuning you originally had it in.
Sorry I forgot to mention that I'm going to block it off with two blocks of wood at the back on the trem cavity
Hold on, are you saying you want to block the trem and Then tune to drop B?

Blocking the trem essentially makes it a fixed bridge with locking nuts and fine-tuners. So yes, you would be able to tune down to drop B a lot faster and easier than if it was totally floating.

Do you want to block completely or just for dive only?

Either way, start by blocking the trem for dive-only, by making a block (of wood, or just use a bolt and screw thread idea like used here http://a2.l3-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/124/85503d7512ba401f88eb58b7426f9b1a/l.jpg) that pushes against the headstock-side of the trem, and will keep it level, unable to raise the pitch of the strings (i.e. you can't raise the whammy bar when it's in the normal position). You should still be able to push it down though.

Once the trem is blocked, restring if you need to (which is a lot easier if the trem is blocked, like we've done), and then tune the guitar down to drop B.

[If you're tuning UP to drop B, not down, increase the tension of the springs in the back with a screwdriver beforehand]

Now you need to make sure you're not over-stressing anything - if you've come all the way down from E-standard tuning, for example, those *springs are gonna be under A LOT more tension than the strings, they only need to be a little bit tighter than they'd need to be if the bridge was floating. This extra tension will keep the trem pushing against the block you've inserted into the body, blocking it.

To do this, simply loosen the tension (by unscrewing the screws at the back (slowly!!)) until the whole bridge moves and the guitar goes out of tune.

Now, just screw them up a bit until the bridge is pressing against the stop again and the guitar is back in tune. It's up to personal preference how much extra tension you put it under - personally, I have enough extra tension on my floyds so I can tune up from dropped to standard tuning without the bridge moving.

By now, you've blocked the trem for dive-only. If you want to block it completely, just add another block on the other side of the trem so that you can't depress the whammy bar either. This done, remove the whammy bar from the trem so you don't accidentally push on it, as it's not gonna move!

If you need more detail about any of the steps, let me know, I've only skimmed over them here to give you an idea

*EDIT: I'd written 'strings', but meant 'springs' lol.
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Let me know how it turns out/if you have any problems etc?