i live in europe and there is no way (as far as i know) to get colored pick ups here. I know some one who will be going to new york and i want to ask him to buy me some dimarzio's there.

i guess there has to be a guitar center in NY so i wonder if anyone could tell me where it is (street) and if they do have colored pickups, I also would like to know if colored pickups are more expensive than black ones.

maybe? what colors? the mass produced pickups don't really offer that many color options.

bareknuckle pickups offers almost every color.
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you can get them in europe for the same cost...?

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I've ordered from this place in the past - doesn't specify Mainland Europe but if he ships to the UK I can't see why not.


Also Thomann do a few coloured dimarzios


Thomann are probably the biggest online music store in Europe, you really didn't look very hard...
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I just looked on musiciansfriend and guitarcenter.com and they aren't sold there either.

whoops they sure do under options.

however, it is unlikely that they would have all the options available in store.

alright, dimarzio won't let their pickups be shipped to europe from a US authorized distributor.

so all you have to do is call up your local music store that's a dimarzio distributor and have them order the pickups you want in the color that you want.
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